Oh my brave hearts, we must leave this landtomorrow,

we can't live hear anymore.

And in the quite hears.we talk before the down.

And the old hearts,they are calling frome the shadows.

Tellingus we must not got,oh,but we can not fight

The power of the gun.to take away our land.

They take it from our sons,swear it on my hand,

we will return to run here like the wolf,

And see the hunters moon,and watch our river flow.

It's not gone forever.

Oh my bold hearts,we will go down to the city.

we will live by city light,but in the darkest our,

keep this fire alive.

We will grow strong,we will bring our wealth together.

Never showingwhat we have.

And when the time has come,well reach out for the gun.

Taking back our land,take it for our sons,

swear it on my hard.

Wewill return ti run here like the wolf

And see the huntersmoon,and watch our river flow,

we will return to tauch the open sky.

And see the eaglefly,and feel the morning rain.

It's not gone forever.

we will return

Oh my brave hears,

We gonna come back,

we will return

Oh my brave hears,

we will return...

(Chris de Burgh)

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غزال خانم گل ...

Very Good...Good Luck


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